Where does one begin?

So… how do I start this? is the mic on? Do I start blabbing aimlessly…well I’ll try not to and make my first blog about why I decided to start writing..I mean blogging !

I think it’s important that expression and self development are key to advancing one’s life especially your own and it’s never easy confronting yourself in the mirror and facing yourself and asking some deep hard questions . More importantly for me it’s the realisation that life and your time are what make anything in your life meaninful. Without a life we cannot experience and without time we cannot be thankful for the experience and record it in our memory and be thankful for that “moment” in time, that second that minute, that hour and that life we lived.

Did I say lived? Yes if you’re reading this you are still alive but I might not be tomorrow. So we need to ask ourselves if we did die right now can we say we have lived and experienced all that we wanted to and lived how you/I wanted to? These are some of the questions that I question myself but I do my very best to create action and try not to live in my own head and toy with ideas. Ideas, great ideas are not toys, they are intruments in creating action! By action you are doing and by doing you are experiencing!

Unless you have had a moment where your life flashes before your eyes and you survived to see another day, then it’s hard for some people to fully understand that life (as cliche as this going to sound) is the most precious gift you have and you must put yourself first (depening on your responsibilities). Morally we try and do the right thing and yes we can feel guilty if we put ourselves first, but as long you’re not harming anyone then you should try do the things you want to do! If they are for a great purpose and you’re not harming anyone, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you but yourself!

And there you have your first obstacle, it’s you! You are like you’re own traffic light, stop, go, maybe, maybe not, stop, GO GO GO!!

My purpose of writing all this totally off the cuff and from the heart is that to help anyone reading this, isto make every day count and this is by just doing anything that you may. It could be to create something, read something, learn something, challenge yourself in something. Whatever it is, live and go beyond your own boundaries and make sure you are not just watching from the sidelines but actually playing your part in life and offering your special gifts.

Everyday I practice a little ritual in the morning. Some people call it the cold blast, I call it just turn off the hot water whilst in the shower and stand under under it and see how long you can last for till I get the feeling of being born again and refreshed and alive! It’s also good for the immune and getting your blood plumping around your body too!

A guy named Will Hoff does it, check him on  http://www.icemanwimhof.com/innerfire

By the way I had no intention of promoting this guy but I believe he is one of the most talked about people doing this  and I guess for me it has an affect on the realisation that you are alive and makes you feel this deep enrgy within. Most people think it’s crazy, to me it’s a test of mental strength and will power. It’s very uplifting and gives you an inner energy.

Energy, is what life is all about. right? So you really to need understand how to best harness this energy to get the best out of you. It’s kind of strange but the more I’m writing to you, nay for me, I’m beginning to learn why it is important that we eat healthy and live an active lifestyle (not over active). This energy becomes important whe we decide that we want to achieve, obtain, create, share, be great! We need to treat our bodies right because our body is the instrument of the mind which commands the body. If your body is out of sync with your mind then you’re going to talk yourself out of many situations quite easily.

I think it’s also important that you should not just be great to to impress others  but most importantly be great for yourself!

Wow just discovered something just then myself! Be great for yourself and do it for you! Don’t be great for others because the reason you should be doing it is for yourself or else who’s life are you living for, others or your own? I think this is a new quote “be great to yourself for yourself and not for the sake of others” and I guess if you do this people will see this through your actions and if your actions are true then greatness is the bi product of your continual efforts. Greatness is every day, not just once.

There! I think you’ll see that my blog is going to emphasise on how to become great and develop yourself to be the ultimate version of what you were born with and maximise and get the best out of you!

My next post will start with the idea of how how you can get focused and be on the right path even though you’re not exactly sure what it is your exactly seeking! Can’t wait to share, I’m excited about my next entry.

Thanks for reading and if you thought this was of some value then I’m sure you will remember to share with someone of value to you.

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By: Tullio Bocca

Written in: My Bedroom

Where: Sydney

Time: 8:00pm

Date: 17th August 2017